Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hors de combat (part 2)

Do your routines also when you are ill, I've learned from the Flyladies.
So I forced myself to take a shower this morning. It refreshed me.
I made the bed. Slowly, I feel so weak. I have still a bit fever. I cough, but it is up in the throat. The throat still hurts, but I am on my way to recover. I hope so. I will relax today. So the bed is made, too.
Then I prepared a breakfast for myself: coffee a sandwich with mango jam.
The sun is shining - a little walk outside later is perhaps not such a bad idea.
I do not even think of yoga. To move my body from the bed to the kitchen is already exhausting.

Picture: A cake that I saw in Italy. It looks more than art than something to eat.


Sandra said...

Wow, that's what I call a cake!

Ursula said...

The Italians and food - this simply goes together perfectly.

Andrew said...

Ah, this apple tart certainly speaks to me!