Thursday, April 30, 2009

Has this something to do with me?

I plan to double it. An intensive life, a quick death, that's it.
I get phone calls, I am dawdling, I drink black coffee and I eat chocolate. Music is on.
Mood is great.

Thank you for everything.


Anonymous said...

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Ursula!!


Dirk said...

Hallo Ursula,
herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles Gute, Dirk

A Bhakti Yogi said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 50th Ursula!!!
It just keeps getting better from here! At least I think so as I am now heading to 52 and feeling fine!

Enjoy your celebrations!!

Ursula said...

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. Smile.

50 is a wonderful age, cannot complain, simply love it.

A wonderful day for everybody.


Wayne said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Debb said...

Happy Year 50 Ursala!

I am 54 and life has never been better. I discovered my serious yoga practice three years ago, before that, not so dedicated. It has changed my life. Yoga affects me in everything I do creating focus, contentment, peace, harmony, and positive energy..

You are such an inspiration. I look forward to reading your blog every day and you help me be encouraged and disciplined in my practice...


Ursula said...

Thank you Wayne.

Ursula said...

Thank you Debb, what you write touches me very much.

Thank you for reading me. Smile

Anna said...

Happy Birthday! Good luck with the great adventure that's ahead!