Friday, April 03, 2009

The full sequence (a+p+m)

a+p+m, this sounds like a formula by Einstein. It means asanas, pranayama and meditation. In case something else came into your mind, you are not on the yoga path. It is Friday and my energy level is no more at such a level as in the beginning of the week. Nevertheless I wanted to practice. I did some surya namaskaras. I wanted to greet the sun, may it shine today. I continued the sequence with pranayama for 5 min. I imagined how my breath went up and down my spine. There was also time for meditation. For 10 min I sat silently on my Indian mat to center myself and to be reminded to enjoy and live the moment. Nothing else is possible.

Work life: I am glad, even happy how everything developed. Last but not least what happened turned out to be good. I want to have work, I don't want to sit around staring holes in the air. This is frustrating for me. It is a waste of precious resources. To change in the other department was therefore good. I have work here, very much, but I get paid by hours and I am still able to handle everything. I sit in the room with an Indian guy who was brought up in Europe. He likes to talk, I like this too (Not the whole time, but from time to time.) The conflicts with the colleagues are cleared, I experience help and friendliness now. I thanked the boss with an email for supporting me.

I won't work very long today. Perhaps I will finish my working day in a cafe downtown reading a book. The idea pleases me.
Oh, the sun can be seen already. How wonderful.


joy suzanne said...

So glad to read this!

I hope you see some sunshine today...

Ursula said...

Oh, thank you joy, you are such a lovely person.

It is a most beautiful spring day here. I love it.

All the best for you.