Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A few sun salutations - a must

I did a few sun salutations A and B this morning. I didn't count how often I greeted the sun. The breath matched with the movements. This is important for me. Then I sat down in padmasana and bowed forward. I sat on the carpet, very simple it was today.
I am busy already and it will be a long day.

It is easier to move the Alps than to change the opinion of a person about myself. When I will get feed-back from the boss this morning, I will listen. It is nice that someone has so much time to think about myself, I will think and enjoy the attention.

Mysore class will be great again in the early evening, I know it. I am so looking forward to it.

No time to loose, I will have to hurry to the Afghan restaurant to meet my friends afterwards. It will be after midnight when I will return home. A long day. A day I am looking forward to.

What to dress, what to dress is the question now.

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