Sunday, April 19, 2009

Energy is coming back slowly

I managed it to invite my birthday guests for the 29th of April, the day before my birthday. I only have to tell the restaurant owner, that we will be 7 people instead of 6. Then one of my birthday parties is organised. E. will be the only man. B. I only know for 8 years, all the other guests I know for more than a decade or even longer. Love this. Individualists. My female friends are all beautiful and interesting people. I also love it that E's mother is coming. She is 85. "This year I planned not to come", she told me," but as it is your 50th birthday, I have to. E. is already enthusiastic what present she has found for me.

I have accomplished something already and I am looking forward to my birthday now - more and more.

Picture: Lago di Garda in Italy.

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