Monday, April 13, 2009

Among Italians

Easter Sunday is a family day here. We had a reservation in a restaurant in the mountains. We had our lunch among Italian families. I loved this, but I fear I only love it because I didn't understand a word of the very lively conversations. The food was lousy. I drank too much red wine to it only to gulp it down. E. was happy with his choice. The view was excellent. After lunch I sat in the grass and enjoyed the sun on my skin. It was relaxing. I love these lazy hours.

Again the sun is shining and there is another chance to eat something good today. In Rovereto we will have our last Italian lunch here. I will buy some olive oil here. And then bye-bye Italy, was nice to be here again.

Lago di Garda means good food (in general), red wine, sun, German tourists, the lake, mountains, sailing boats and simply something else than usual.

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