Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yoga is not only asanas

Me too, when I talk about yoga, I think about asanas. Immediatly I think about putting my leg behind the head, about dropping back. But yoga is also pranayama and meditation.

I don't want to miss it anymore, pranayama and meditation. So at exactly 6:45 my asana practice must find an end. Only six rounds of alternate nostril breathing are enough. The difference can be felt. I wake up, my body gets energized.
Then I meditated 10 min. My creative mind was active inventing lovely stories today. But a story is nothing else but a story. Entertaining, but reality is always better. Back to the mat, get back to the mat, enjoy the breath and a calm mind, I thought.

My asana practice was great today. Mentally I was light-hearted. It's my practice, whatever happens is great, I thought. Urdhva dhanurasana was hard, but I did it.

Am I a yogini, I wondered this morning. Yoga means to control the body (asanas), yoga means to control the breath (pranayama), yoga means to control the mind (meditation). Do I want to control my whole life? No, I even think that this is not possible.
I guess I am more prone towards other philosophies. Awareness is everything I think and not control. So, I am not a yogini, but practicing yoga.
I am curious what life will bring to me, I don't think anymore that I have any influence on it.
Life happens, yoga happens, blogging happens, working happens, .....


joy suzanne said...

You are a yogi... it's not a question of controlling every part of your life. Yogis can play, too.

Yoga is learning to control the body (asanas) and the mind (meditation), and the breath (pranayama), and it's living by certain moral precepts, and cultivating compassion and kindness in your life. Certainly you do all these things, live all these things.

On the page, your life feels cool and fresh. Awareness is the goal of yoga, too... not only control.

Andrew said...

You are Yoga. Meanwhile, Yoga is something that you are practicing.

Janaki Gopikrishna said...

in the west, there is a huge fan following for Yoga. but yoga is a way of life.

Ursula said...

You make me smile.

For you I am also a yoga or yogi or yogini. Voilá, here we go.

Flo said...

Sounds like a good practice.
"Life happens, yoga happens, blogging happens, working happens, ....."
I couldn't agree more.

Yoga Report said...

"Life happens, yoga happens, blogging happens, working happens,....."
Good practice. :)