Monday, February 09, 2009

Some further thoughts after my workshop

After workshops which are different to my usual Ashtanga practice I often feel creative towards my own practice. Why not doing just a few asanas, relaxing yoga in the evening, instead a whole Ashanga practice, I wonder. So many things are possible. That written, I feel that I want to stretch a bit before jumping into the bed.


joy suzanne said...

That's an idea...

I've been leading Friday night half-primary series at my yoga school, and I find that after demonstrating postures and vinyasas like that in the evening, I am uncommonly stretchy and supple on Saturday morning.

(At my school we practice Saturday and take Sunday off.)

I've thought of doing some vinyasas and stretching before bed every night, but time usually gets away from me. You remind me that it's a good idea.

Ursula said...

Workshops are inspiring. :)