Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Knowledge that helps

In 90 % the beginning is more difficult than that what follows. It was not my bendiest day today, but crucial was the beginning. I managed it to start and so I was also able to go on. I don't know how I managed it, but I even pushed myself up into urdhva dhanurasana. I could stretch my arms.

Exactly at 6:45 I stop my asana practice, because I want to have time for pranayama and meditation.
The feeling when it's all over is great. With straight back I sit here and I feel strong for the day.

Picture: It's taken this weekend in Madrid, Spain.


lars said...

sorry for being away from your blog. i was in japan for a few days. and there i was too busy to get a look on the net. sorry.
your post, the " for lars" post was a bit amazing to me.
i dont want to buy a book, i am searching the internet for asanas. and the next week i`ll buy a mat at the grear discounter you will know.... i dont have enough money...

Anonymous said...

To a simply beautiful person,

Each asana is a moment of meditation.

We never try to push our body into the mould of, so to speak, the perfect asana. We, on the contrary, need to let the asana express himself through US(our body, mind and spirit).

Practicing an asana is to transcend the act. So it's not US who practice the asana, but it's the asana which matures through our body.

Here we are in the state that our mind and spirit are completely unified with our body. There is no more distinction between the good and the bad. Nor between the will and the knowledge. It's the total immobility. The state of nothingness. A moment of meditation which is Asana.

Please do not struggle with urdhva dhanurasana.


From the immensely ordinary person.

Ursula said...

Dear anonymous,

Thank you for your wonderful post. I always forget it, but now I remember, that I can do nothing. Everything happens.

When I struggle I live in the illusion that I can do anything, but I cannot. Tomorrow I will be curious and I will enjoy what is done to me.

No struggling tomorrow, with nothing. :)
To let go, to let happen is so much nicer.