Friday, February 20, 2009

It's Friday evening now - a story

When I was 16 I had my first boyfriend.
He lived in the neighbourhood and saw me one day when I mowed the lawn of our garden. (My father regretted later that he made me mow the lawn. Are all fathers jealous?) My bf in spe greeted me and we started talking to each other. And the next day we met again and talked to each other and soon we were friends and he became my bf. Our love was great. Every day after school we met and enjoyed the time together.
I had to be at home for dinner every day. In our family it was the holy custom to eat together at exactly 6 o'clock (I cannot remember an exception). After dinner we watched TV together. This was the evening ritual. I wanted to go to my room as soon as possible. I expected my bf. When it was dark he came to our house again. We wanted to spend another hour together. He threw little stones at my window, to let me know when he was back. I opened the window and we could be together for a while. I don't know how I managed it to finish school, but I finished it. I was always tired in the morning. My room was in the first floor (US 2nd floor). I looked down to him how he was standing in the garden and he looked up to me looking out of the window.
He: I love you.
Me: I love you, too.
After a while.
Me: Do you still love me?
He: Yes, I love you.

Me: How much do you love me?
He: Very much.
Me: Is this true?
He: Yes, this is true.
Me: I love you, too. Very much.

There was not much variation in our conversation. Years later I promised myself never ever to ask a man anymore if he loved me. I couldn't keep this promise. Sometimes I cannot trust my own ears, sometimes it just slips out of my mouth and then I hear myself saying:
Do you like me? :)


joy suzanne said...


Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Sigh. Don't we all ask that? :)

I like your charming story of your younger days.


Andrew said...

Sweet :-)

Ursula said...

It's not a good question. so what.

The story goes on and has a funny turn. At the place where my bf stood every night soon no grass was growing anymore. My parents thought something with the grass wasn't OK and feared that soon the whole garden would be spoilt. What to do was even discussed during dinner.

One day my father was standing there wondering about this place without grass. Then he looked up It happened that I was looking out of the window. This was one of the "AHA-moments" of my father. From then on he didn't fear anmyore that the whole garden would be spoilt soon. :)

Andrew said...

But it was!!!

Tracy said...

ahhh...such an endearing story U~
instead of asking, do you love me? i say..who's your girl???? you are my girl (he says to me!) but after almost 23 years together now..i know i am his girl! :0) xoxo

Ursula said...

We all have our rituals, this is funny. xoxo