Monday, February 16, 2009

It was soooo cold

I was so cold this morning, even though I turned on the heater as soon as I was up. But the rooms needed more time to become warm. Even the suryas did not make me warm. That was what I did this morning - a few suryas, my pranayama exercise and I meditated. I am so amazed what thoughts came up. I observed them and let them go.

I sit here shivering. Shall I drink the third cup of coffee I wonder. It's so awfully cold here. Outside is snow and yesterday I sat in the sun.

Perhaps I will have time to write about my weekend trip this evening. What I see is that another working week has already started and I am captivated by the daily life again.


joy suzanne said...

Oh no, I think my comment was eaten.

Sorry you're cold in Germany! You give me the idea to run off to Spain... but even further South... Sevilla!

Ursula said...

You will love it. :)