Sunday, February 01, 2009

It is only 11 o'clock...

...and I have finished my morning practice. Focus was urdhva dhanurasana again. Between standing sequence and closing sequence I tried to arch back as far as possible. It was hard today, but I did it.
- Firstly I lifted my body up from lying position, it was very hard. I had a strap around my legs.
- Then I stood up and arched back, hand in prayer pose in front of my chest.
- Then I arched back and walked my hands along the backside of my legs. I could only reach the hollow of the knee and not my calves.
- Then I went on my knees (in humbleness). I dropped back, hands reached the floor and not the head. :) This exercise is good, it helps me to loose fear. It gives me the feeling that I can do it.

No variation was really good. There is obviously always up and down. I should try these poses this evening again.

Afterwards I did pranayama and I meditated a few minutes.

Bf was preparing breakfast while I meditated. I am amazed, but he is able to do it. I joined him, when the coffee was ready. He wanted to teach me the binomial series:
(a+b)² =a² + b² +2ab. He wants to teach me the second binomial series, too. And most interesting is supposed to be the third one. (Please let him forget to teach me the other two binomial series.)

January is over and my life gets in shape. So far I was able to practice on an almost daily basis. I focus on urdhva dhanurasana and supta kurmasana and both asanas improve. Last but not least: yes. I found a job, which brings money. This was also a goal. I start thinking about my next Indian trip. The new year started rather speedy. The 1st of January everything was open, after only one month I am already again in a corset. A friend gave me the hint: First focus on your job and after a few months you can think about your further plans again. That way I won't feel overwhelmed too quickly. How else can I make money is the question. From May on (after my birthday) I will think about this question again. Till then I want to settle in. The new job is a great change.


Flo said...

Reading your posts on Urdhva Dhanuraana is so inspiring.

Ursula said...

Thank you. Then it is worth writing this blog.

Have a great week. U