Thursday, February 05, 2009

It is done

I felt that I had an excellent practice yesterday in the evening. The body was a tiny bit sore. Thursday is my back bending day. So I arched back. It was not very intensive. As long as I do it I am happy. All the standing poses were done and urdhva dhanurasana, that's great.

Pranayama: Pranayama opens my lungs, it is as if this exercise opens me for life. I also like to hold the breath for a while. Then it is as if life stops for a while.

Meditation: It is coincidence which thoughts come up. Only once (damned) I couldn't resist and had to scratch my front.

Still some insights from yesterday's Mysore class: The details are important. It is important to keep the soles of the feet parallel to the wall. Toes are supposed to be relaxed. Little adjustments can change a pose. It looks also better to keep the feet as if standing.

I am ready for the day. :)


Lars said...

I am looking forward to read a know what I mean? :-D
Have a nice day out there in germanys backyard... :-D

Monxo said...

Those subtle adjustments are the difference in asana. For the better AND for the worst. Without those little adjustmentsit will be like playing one note flat or sharp on a guitar chord.

Ursula, you also make me smile. Your energy is incredibly beautiful and inspiring. You want to receive that little heat emanating from your energy and good vibes. At least I do.

And yes, to sleep on your desk is definitively NOT a good idea. Particularly after barely a week at work. Unless you want to make a point and show your new boss how courageous you are!!!

From the frozen Bronx, S-Monxo. :-)

Ursula said...

Hi Lars, it is coming, it is coming. It is already in my mind what I want to write. During the weekend I will have more time.