Tuesday, February 17, 2009

From Osho

Osho, can you give me a new Zen koan to meditate on because for all the old ones I can find the answers in the Zen scriptures?

Okay, just the other day a young German took sannyas. He was a man of deep feelings, a man of heart. He was sobbing with joy. I asked him, "How long are you going to stay?"
He said: "Osho, forever."
I said to him, "When you come next time, stay a little longer."
Now, Nartan, meditate over it. This is a Zen koan! And you will not find the answer in any scriptures; even I don't know the answer!

From the book: "So lost and so at home" by Osho, page158.


Rakesh said...

Hi Ursula!

Enjoyed the koan...

Now a days one rarely finds intelligentsia around.

You are i n t e l l i g e n t !

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Ursula said...

Thank you very much Rakesh.

I was in Pune about 27 years ago. Osho was still alive. :)
To say more but a smile is not necessary.

Good luck for your blog, I saw you just started.

Greetings from cold Germany.


Anonymous said...

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