Friday, February 20, 2009


My bf usually goes to bed much later than me. In the morning when I wake up I find this huge male sleeping animal next to me. This male monster likes me I think and I throw the warm blanket over his body, in case he is uncovered. I usually cannot resist to pat his ass a bit. This doesn't make him wake up. He has a good and deep sleep, my bf. My night is over then. When I arrive at my "yoga room" I discover that he has left his books on mathematics on my yoga place. I remove them and think, so it is when you live with a man.
I did a few wonderful surya namaskaras this morning. My inner voice seemed to sleep. I didn't hear someone saying: But you could have done more. Only a few suryas, what's that. Why do you get up that early? With such a sloppy practice you won't progress, you will get stiffer again.
No, no such voice was there this morning. The suryas were great and I enjoyed doing them.
It's cold outside. The world is white. Today it is not sunny. I hope that I can go home early today. When I work I have money and no time for myself, when I do not work I have time, but I do not make money. Both is precious and necessary to have a good life.
There is no day where I do not think to travel to India again.
But the next highlight will be my back bending workshop on Saturday evening. What a life.
Time to dress.


Monxo said...

Monxo is sorta back!!! I've been so busy! Have been reading you, though. I loved the description of those bed morning moments. So tender, so humane...I don't know why I'm always moved by stuff like that: a scene that goes down in Germany but that repeats itself over and over oceans away...that radical sameness. And yes, THAT's living with a don't suppose, you are right. I leave my shit everywhere...ha ha ha. Like a dog peeing and marking his territory, I guess. I don't do it on purpose, it is just the way our genes are put together. I think. Thought that's probably bs. A better explanation is good ol' laziness. Ha ha ha.

Happy that you enjoyed your visit to Spain. Keep on keeping on, such is the advise of the...-Super Monxo

Ursula said...

Hi Monxo,
Nice to hear from you. I like your writing, you metaphors.

You get to the point and you make me smile.

Spain was great. Sunny. I am busy, too, so I had no time to describe the city a bit more. Over is over.

We saw beautiful people.

Of course, I keep on keeping on. :)
There is no other choice.