Thursday, February 05, 2009

At home

It was a cold and sunny morning this morning. Now it is already late and cold and no more sunny. I am at home, that's great. I don't know what will happen this evening. All plans and resolutions disappear as soon as I am at home. Then I relax, I switch on the radio and read my beautiful comments, my emails and I enjoy that I have friends all over the world.

I am glad that I earn money again. I want to survive there for 14 months, that's the minimum goal. (My days are a bit boring, but we won't talk about this). When I can learn something new (US-Gaap) it would be even better.

Picture: It is the view when I get out of the S-Bahn.


Andrew said...

US GAAP is Cr_p! Ha! Ha!

Ursula said...

That's good. Not that I have a secret passion for the US tax rules, I only fear it will bring me more money. :)