Sunday, February 01, 2009

And such beautiful things happen, too

I had sold a book via amazon. The client never got the book. I know that I've sent it. I offered that in case that the book wouldn't arrive I'd pay back the expenses. The client wrote me today that the book didn't arrive, but that I can keep the money. We speak about 8 Euro. Nevertheless, this is such a friendly gesture. I wrote her that I want to make her a book present and she should wrote me what would please her. She could give me a bad mark at amazon.

Such stories make me feel good. Really. Friendliness is contagious.


Monxo said...

most of the time people are really really nice. it is so cool to experience it first hand!

it is like -at least for me- my practice keeps me at a level where I usually assume (wrongly 99% of the time) that people are just too stressed out to be nice and relaxed and too rushed to pause to think before pushing someone else aside...My usual operative mentality goes something like 'I don't trust nobody that doesn't do yoga!' he he he.

But, yes, fortunately, I am very very wrong and people are nice in so many beautiful and unpredictable ways.

Thanks for sharing that story.

Ursula said...

Hi Monxo,

I wanted to tell yout thay I liked your last post where you wrote: the more energy you spent, the more you have. (something like that). This thought is so powerful.

Have a nice evening