Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All is OK

So far my work was not such exciting, but a bit boring.
But today open hostility from a colleague was felt. "Do not touch this file", she said unfriendly, "it has been already a mess last year." Complaining a hierachy up followed. Nothing was said to me, so why feeling bothered.
Today 2 colleagues got a "Krapfen" (this is the cake people eat here at carnival) from the boss. I saw the colleagues coming out of her office with them, it was difficult to hide. I wasn't offered one. A Krapfen costs 1,50. It is affordable. I'm fat enough and I can buy as many "Krapfen" as I want, it was simply very bad style, not to give me one, too.

I am cool, I observe: I feel: so far I strolled, now the way is going a bit upwards. My breath is still deep and calm. I like montains to climb. Let's see what will come next, I know this was the beginning.
The love affair is over, now it is a duty. I even think that it is a much better attitude to the work.

After work I bought 2 Krapfen, one for me, one for E. It is one of his favourite cakes. He invited me for dinner. I want to have spaghetti with olives, tomatoes and capres. A Chianti will fit perfectly.

On my way home I thought of the story of Osho. Someone threw a shoe at him while he spoke publicly. Later this man regretted this and apolozized. Osho didn't accept the excuses, because he was not injured.

I do not even know anymore why I wrote about my job. Perhaps because we have to wait till the Italian restaurant opens. I remember my colleague from the other firm. When we walked to the cantine he used to say: "Ms W stop talking about the job."
So I won't bother E. with boring office stories (only my dear readers). The chocolate fair in Paris could be a good topic, or the book fair in Leipig. Or yoga.........hahahah.


Grimmly said...

Sorry you had a bad day at Work, Offices! Enjoy your pasta, good pasta is a cure for everything. Pancake day over here and I have some Sicilian lemons.... this too is a cure for much.

Ursula said...

Thank you grimmly.
Pasta was great.
I hope you enjoyed your Sicilian lemons, too. Sound good.

..and we have our yoga, and a healthy approach to life in general. Everything changes.

Anonymous said...

Such behavior from coworkers could be really frustrating... Hope you're feeling better already.
Kopf hoch!