Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"You don't wake me up anymore."

That's true. Sometimes I sleep even longer than my bf and this is difficult. Today we both slept too long again. OMG every day the same story. It was 9 when we got up, the alarm clock was set at 6. But perhaps I need this sleep.
I know I need a lot of time when I am in the phase to apply for jobs. My unconsciousness works and delivers solutions. The job that I applied for the day before yesterday doesn't seem so attractive to me anymore. I heard too often that the boss is difficult. That's no fun.
Today I have another interview. The issue here is that it is outside of Munich, which means long commuting time. The other issue is that I won't do a job that does not allow me to practice in the morning. So yesterday I talked to the company that offered me the job. "Do you think", I asked, "I could possibly start working between 9 and 10 o'clock?" (Thank you unconsciousness, a good idea.) They considered it possible. The job is limited for a year, which is good, too, because then I can have a few months off again afterwards. (India I'm coming.) It's so difficult to make the best decision. That's why I need time. I stroll around here like a lion in the cage but I know that my unconsciousness is working for me when I do this.
Picture (on the right side stands): I will do much to achieve eternal youth, except sports and to get up early.


Anna said...

Ursula - you are so funny!!! You use English really effectively! 'Strolling around like a lion in a cage' - superb! By the way - that's me!!!

Anna said...

PS. I'm getting up later now, too - 0800 (or later) as opposed to 0700 in our last place. Here, the blinds in the bedroom are very dark coffee colour and the morning light just doesn't penetrate. I feel guilty about getting up late. A. has already done an hour's work by the time I am staggering into the kitchen. I am trying an experiment to leave the blind up and wake up with the morning light... it didn't work this morning :~>

Ursula said...

I see, I am in very good company. I love not to be alone. :)

We must enjoy this situation.

Isn't it great that we are able to loaf. I even know 2 words for this "activity": to dawdle.

xo U