Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yes, up

It was 6 when I got up. This tells me that my morning routine got stable already. It became easier again to get up early. The Indian food yesterday is still on my belly. My body needs less and less food. I forgive myself that I ordered a dessert yesterday (mango cream) even though I was already full. It was so good.

It's strange, but I have a bit of a headache. There is always somthing. Human people are kept busy with nothing and everything.

Today I want to do my tax declaration. This is important.
There is always this feeling that I have to do too much and that I have to start from point 0.


Anna said...

The human body just doesn't need much food - everyone eats far too much these days: unless you are doing hard physical work, the food will just get stored as fat. I am mostly sedentary during the day except for trips to town to get stuff - I walk but this is not fat burning exercise - and gradually the weight is creeping up. I need to get back to how I was in the 1980s - I ate very small portions and no sugar. I felt so great. I really want to re-programme myself to get back to that way of eating. I am very interested in the connection between thinness and longevity.

Ursula said...

..and we need less and less food. It's awful.

My grandma was not thin and lived till the age of 103. In general I would say it's better to be thin when you like to live long.

I feel better when I am thin.