Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yeah, the evening routine

I picked me up and cleaned the dishes. This is part of the evening routine, too.
Before going home usually I do grocery shopping. It takes time in the evening. Obviously everybody does it at the same time - after work. At home I undress and throw my business clothes in the next corner (Of course not, I put them on a hanger). Then I put on comfortable clothes. Hunger is felt, so I eat. Then I am full and not able to do yoga.
Big washing ceremony is part of the evening routine, blogging, email-checking.
To find the right order is really difficult.

Kitchen is clean, stomach busy to digest best artichockes and German bread. Soon I will find myself under the shower.

3 hour I have available in the evening when I give myself 7 hours of sleep. That's not much.

How my evening routine will look like tomorrow in the evening is clear already: Dinner with friends in an Indian restaurant. It's something I'm looking forward to. Conversation and food - great combination, I think.

Picture: Another impression from my way to the job.

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