Monday, January 12, 2009

A view in the future

That's my grandma on her 100th birthday. She lived 3 more years.
Till the end she loved cakes and sweets. Oh, I think she has very beautiful skin.
When the younger generation will be so old, more people will reach such an age, but nowadays this is still rare. She has had a fulfilled life. I appreciate the emerald surrounded with diamonds that she gave me.


Tracy said...

wow ursula! 103 years my father lived to 93. I thought that was amazing~ until I read this!! Sweets are not such a bad thing after all then are they?!! She looked beautiful right up to the end! xo

Ursula said...

Hi Tracy, I am glad that you commented. I was not sure if I should publish this picture. But I never found that my grandma looked ugly. She always had these smart eyes. I liked to hold her hands. She was funny till the end.

And she ate so nicely that younger people could learn something from her.
She always told me not to go into the sun, so that my skin remains beautiful.
She was great, modern and very up to date.