Sunday, January 18, 2009

Up, and

I enjoy it that I can crawl out of my bed well rested. It's late, I don't care now anymore, no guilt anymore. This will soon have an end.

Most important today: Bf must help me to copy my accounting software to the new PC.
All other activities are of minor importance.

Time to write my private journal, practicing yoga will follow. My focus when I do yoga will be a sense of effortlessness, a relaxed face.

Smile consciously:

A movie-house usher was astonished to see a big, brown bear sitting in the front row, munching peanuts.

'Say, you!' he shouted. 'You're a bear! What are you doing in here?

''Well, I enjoyed the book so much,' replied the bear, 'I wanted to see the picture too!'

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