Friday, January 02, 2009

Today's practice: on urdhva dhanurasana

When I am in this pose I have no clue if my legs are parallel or not. In France a teacher told me that my legs were drifting apart and he recommended to press a block between my thighs. This was difficult, I didn't repeat it.
I made it easier for me today: I took a strap. It kept my legs together. I was glad that I could do the pose, despite the strap around my legs above the knees. This was a great help in understanding the pose.

Breathing: Usually I really exhale as much as I can when I have prepared myself for pushing myself up (I'm already on my head). When the lungs are empty I inhale and imagine that my body is like a balloon and that the air is blowing up my body. I inhale as much as I can and stem myself into the pose. Somehow this helps me.

(It's so difficult to describe in detail what I'm doing. I hope it is still understandable.)


joy suzanne said...

This is good stuff! I didn't know you practiced when you were in France. In Mtp?

Ursula said...

Last year we were in Paris for a few days. There I went to an Ashtanga shala. My bf had still to work, so I could do what I always like to do in France: to do yoga, to eat and to go shopping.

Flo said...

Inhales for me are far too short. I have to extend the inhale to a point and it becomes difficult the more difficult the posture.
This is a great tip for me. (the balloon image)

Ursula said...

First you must exhale as much as you can. This prepares the inhaling.
Try it when you sit in the chair. Exhale, hold the breath for a while and then inhale. It's much deeper.

Bettina said...

Concerning Urdhva Dhanurasana I once got an advice from Arjuna: You wrote that you already are on your head if you start the pose. You can try to push yourself up in the pose with the inhale and to lower you down on the head again with the next exhale. Then with the next inhale up again and on the exhale down on the head and so on. You can repeat this several times. I had the experience that with every inhale the chest opens up a little more and you come a little deeper in the pose.
If this works for you the next step would be to bring the hands a little bit nearer towards the feet everytime you are down on your head.
For me this works fine, perhaps you want to try it.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Bettina, of course I will try it. It sounds good.

I walk my hands to the feet, sometimes it's easier, sometimes it's only an inch or two.

To walk the hands to the feet is important, too.

Anna said...

I am always reading that you should exhale on a move. Yet it seems counter-intuitive...