Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"This is my day today", I thought

But it was not my day. I had not the courage to drop down into urdhva dhanurasana from standing pose. The arch was better, I think, a bit better perhaps, but who knows. Feelings can cheat. The struggle for this pose goes on.
The main issue is not this ud pose. It's the discontentment and the distraction (d+d). More fun and more focus (f+f) is what I need.
I know very well, that once I drop back, of course I will have a feeling of joy. Perhaps I even might become a bit megalomaniac and I will think: Ha, everything is possible for me.
But soon after another wish will come up, then I will probably wish to be able to come up from this pose and so on. So nothing has changed except the challenge or the pose. And the pose is not so important, but important is the attitude. I recommend to myself f+f.


Ann said...

Love the pic :)

At least you have the courage to try doing things like this! I don't think I will ever be able to attempt it!

I will carry your perspective of f&F with me this week. Thank you!

Ursula said...

Hi Ann,
I started with the pose when I thought sentences like yours: This I will never do. It makes no sense to even try it.
These were my thoughts in the beginning.
Fact is my attention was already drawn to that pose.
My teacher pushed me a bit. I admit it. Still too often I think: I will never be able to do it. But when I try it every day, there must be also a part in my that believes in me, don't you think so.

Be courageous. What do we have to loose.
And of course f+f.

Anonymous said...

To simple beautiful person,

Why struggle and strain so much to reach this pose ? There are many postures which you can do with no effort. Cultivate this sens of effortlessness in doing the asanas that you can do well.

In Yoga like in life, the patience is a virtue. Embrace rather than fight your limitations and vulnerabilities, listen to your body, and surrender into the resistence.

We have all of our lives to reach the pose like urdhva dhanurasana, so it's juste a question of time. ;-)

From a immensely ordinary person.

Ursula said...

Oh thank you.
I read the comments carefully and I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. :)

Your words are the right ones for me. "to cultivate a sense of effortlessness", that's it. And then it might be even possible that a smile might appear on my face. :)

Have a great day. U