Thursday, January 15, 2009

They want me. :)

They want me.
I just got a phone call. Tomorrow in the morning will be another meeting with another manager. But a decision is made, I was told. In about 14 days I can start working in that company out of Munich.
I said: I want it, too.
I thought the whole day, those who are first will get me. I am so impatient, I cannot wait.
This job means that I will have to work for 12 months in a row without vacations. No trips around the world. Nothing. But after 12 months............

Yes, I am excited, now. It's always the same.
As I am a person with both feet on the earth, I know very well what is important. I face the facts. I need cash. A girl needs cash. And that is what will come in again soon. Sigh.

(PS: I also know that only when the contract is signed I can be sure. I'm optimistic today.)


Andrew said...

"A girl needs cash"!!!! I like that one!!!

Ursula said...

Thinking, thinking, thinking???

Tracy said...

congrats in advance..just have a feeling ;0) xo

Ursula said...

It will be tough 12 months, believe me. That's exactly something for me, isn't it?

Just a joke, I will give my best. Life is more fun when I am committed.
Btw, it's an American company. :)

Anna said...

Gut gemacht!

Ursula said...

Ich weiß mich zu verkaufen, aber dann.......

Nice to read some German words here. :)

joy suzanne said...

Félicitations Urusline!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!!!

and, because it's an American company... Way to go!!! Kick ass!!


Ursula said...

hahahah, how funny.

susiegb said...

Great news - and of course they want you!!

Ursula said...

Thank you susigb.

I have so dear online friends. What a gift. Smile.