Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sleeping sickness

Sleeping sickness, we have it. We do not find the way out of the bed in the morning. I wanted to get up every day a bit earlier so that the difference to Monday won't be too huge. But I sleep and sleep and sleep.

Now I am up and at present:
I need a bulb, I have to buy a new akku for my mobile phone.
I have to do my accounting 2008 (I'm sure I mentioned this already)
This evening I will go to a Mysore class.
If everything is done in the evening, I am glad.


Monxo said...

It is gonna sound stupid, but -hey- just JUMP out of bed. JUMP out of it. Don't even think about it, not for ONE second...don't even get your body the chance to hesitate and resist. Just JUMP!!! I am 35 y/o...I LOVE to sleep...and I had to read this in a book (ha ha ha) and try it. It WORKS. That's how I barely miss my Mysore class. For me to miss class has to be that I unexpectedly stayed over at a friend's house (no appropriate yoga clothes)...or that I got less than 4hrs of sleep.

That's the plan: JUMP out of bed without any thought or hesitation.

Ursula said...

Dear Monxo,

From next Monday on I will be out of bed at 5 (a.m. haha). I will exactly do your method. Not thinking, out of bed, out. I start working again.

I don't want to miss my morning yoga practice. I have to get up early and I will do.

Till then I have mercy with myself.

Thank you for the hint.


Monxo said...

By the way Ursula...I've been doing the mula bandha on exhalations only, and it WORKS. My dear! It is like this HUGE difference. Incredible. I am mustering strength to go to my instructor and telling him...ha ha ha, I am afraid he will say like NOOOOOO. Mula Bandha ALL THE TIME...ALL THE TIME. Ha ha ha. Thanks for the tip.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much for the feed back Monxo.
I know that I am right.
And it is indeed incredible. I learned this from someone who did yoga and pranayama for 30 years. And this person was also studying the original texts.

I tried it and I felt at once that he was right. I am so thankful for this, too. Now we are 2 already. :)

Happy practice with the right use of the bandhas. Ole.

Ursula said...

Btw, Monxo,

You see it took me more than 6 months till I wrote about it.

I don't think that Ashtangis are open for it. That's why I kept it for myself.

I am very glad that you tried it.

Monxo said...

We will spread the word! The mula bandha revolution has begun!

Mula Bandhees of the world have nothing to loose but your...(what?)

Ursula said...

The right use of the mula bandha makes us strong and courages:
Viva la revolution. Hough.

Koeppchen said...

Hello Ursula,
your description about using mule bandha work well with the movements i learned in a workshop with Edward Clark.
From my point of view it also "feels" right.

Ursula said...

Thank you Koeppchen for the feed back.
I find it also interesting that you've learned this method from someone. Very good.

I have not yet heard anything about Edward Clark, but he seems to be experienced.

Greetings and happy practices