Thursday, January 08, 2009


I just rejected another interview in a company which is too far outside of Munich. I know that when I'd work there I wouldn't be able to do yoga in the morning. I'd have to leave my home too early. I'm willing to get up at 5 to practice, but I never manage it to get up at 4. This would mean to go to bed at 9. Forget it, I will never do so. It's a waste of time to go to interviews in companies which are too far away from my home. I thanked and said that this is nothing for me. How long can I say: I don't do this, and I don't do that.
Yoga, my health is most important to me.
The first hours of each day are for me, for nobody else. For me, just for me.


joy suzanne said...


I just turned down an offer for the same reason. Nothing can interfere with the hours between 6 and 8!

I brought my camera and today will be snapping a picture of Les Ursulines, let's see if you remember them...

Ursula said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to the pictures.

I think I did the right thing: Companies press you as if you are citron. I have to take care of my health by myself. Nobody else will do.


Maria said...

So true! I feel exactly the same way.
Good for you!

Flo said...

You slip in reminders that feel like they are tugging at me.
Your last sentence reminded just reminded me that sometimes 4:30 AM is early, but it is worth it.

Ursula said...

It's probably good to set boundaries.

Kevin said...

So you are addicetd to yoga, I arrange my life around practice as well! Must have 8 hours sleep

Ursula said...

Hi Kev,

You know, my lifetime here on earth is limited. I want to do something nice with the rest.


Andrew said...

Yes, Yoga has a way of taking over our lives! :-)

Ursula said...

Hi Andrew,

I remember a dialogue between a student and I guess it was Danny Paradise.

The sudent: I have no time for yoga, because I have such a demanding, time-consuming job.
Paradise: Then change the job, when you like to do yoga.

Something like that it went.

I'm still very relaxed, that's good. Something else will come.