Thursday, January 01, 2009

On my first practice 2009

I stared at the little pictures of the second series in the book by Matthew Sweeney. I wondered how far I should do the second series. Finally I had the glorious idea to let the body decide. I went till ushtrasana. Then I felt weak. Ushtrasana is a good preparation for urdhva dhanurasana and so I was content, as my focus was back bending today.

Concentration: More important than anything else was to remain on the mat. I want to stop strolling around during my practice. Perhaps I need breaks when I walk around, I thought. I allowed me to take breaks, to practice sloppy, but I wanted to remain on my mat. Several times I needed a pause, my heart rate was rather fast. I stood in samasthiti, palms of my hands together in front of my chest. I waited till the impulse to run away faded and till I had power enough to go on.
The result: I had a focused practice with flow.

In the beginning the body was rather stiff, but with each pose I became more flexible. That was nice, too.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I appreciate that the gravity helps me to arch back when I am in standing pose. Gravity helps me to go deeper into the pose.

Relaxation at the end was good, then shower and now I will have a small healthy breakfast: banana with soy yogurt.


Monica said...

I wish you a happy new year and that nice events will take place in your life!

You're a GREAT person.

Best wishes to E, too!

Ursula said...

Thank you so much Monica.
I wish you a great 2009 as well.

I just forwarded your best wishes. E. is in fron of the TV watching a sifi. From time to time I join him reading a book, repeating some English grammar.

It was wonderful to meet you last summer. Life has changed in the last decade. It's so much easier to keep in touch via internet.

Have a great evening.


joy suzanne said...

Yay for fresh starts and soy yogurt! Count yourself lucky to be German and have such goodies available. I'm still looked at strangely ever day for requesting my salade "sans lardons"!

Happy New Year to you dear Ursuline, full of peace and comfort for you and your E!

Flo said...

What a lovely practice to start the year.
Remaining on the mat at home is difficult for me. Tomorrow I have a home practice because the studio is closed. So I have to get to my mat.
I am going to start taking mysore 2times a week in the mornings. I hope it helps my knowledge of the series.
Om Shanti!
Happy New Year!

Ursula said...

To go to a Mysore class once or twice in a week and to do home practice is the best.

In the end it's a practice for myself, so it is good, when I can do it alone.

Concentration is also something that must be learned.

Have fun.


Ursula said...

Hi Joy suzanne,

In France the meet is the highlight of a lunch or dinner. But I think the situation has improved, don't you think so? For vegetarian they have more choices nowadays than only "des crudité".

We have a lot of bio shops here. I love it.

I wish you a great year 2009.


Anna said...

Happy, happy 2009, Ursula! I started well with my vegan breakfast - cereal and prunes!

Ursula said...

Happy 2009 to you, too.

We can only get back when we fell of the wagon. But this we can do, always to come back to an animal friendly lifestyle that is also good for us.

I'm a chocolate and pralines too, sometimes I get lost in the jungle.

Anna said...

Meant to say that when I was in Munich last summer, I loved the bio shop in the Viktualmarkt. (Is that right?) Got lots of Dr Hauschka there for much less than it costs in England.

Ursula said...

I think I've seen Hauschka products in many shops. In Germany everything is cheaper than in expensive England. :)