Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh, I'm always so hungry afterwards

Everything went well, very well. Nevertheless, these interviews need all my energy. I'm done.
At home I prepared for myself vegetable spring rolls with a green salad and mushrooms. Now I'm no more hungry, but the energy is still not back.
I'm very optimistic that I get that job. I also asked if I could come at 9:30. They accepted. Smile. Then I will have time for yoga in the morning, despite the commuting time, which is about 40 min one way.
In the beginning of next week I will get the answers. I will get 2 answers on Monday. So the beginning of next week is rather exciting.

I had so nice words for my blog in my mind, but now I'm empty. One thing I remember. It's not beautiful to mix the languages. It's very much the custom here to use English words when speaking German. I do it much too often. An example: one woman said: Wir haben eine Legal-Abteilung. I do not even know how to write it. In German language we have a nice word for it: Rechtsabteilung.

Time to clean the kitchen.
Bf is probably already in England. He will stay till Friday night. I will have to watch TV the disgust-programme alone. It's also fun to watch it alone.


Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Oh, that's lovely news. Even to have that hopeful feeling is good energy for a time. That can help you move forward.

When I read your blog I always feel a bit cheered whether I was sad or already happy before. I like your new photo with the friendly smile!!


Ursula said...

Dear Marie,

when my blog can cheer you, this makes me happy. Really. Then it's worth writing it. Thank you.

Be happy and cheerful.