Friday, January 23, 2009

Now I visualize it - wheel - inhaling - up

On my practice today: It was one of the last practices where I didn't have to look at my watch during a weekday. I waited till it was the early afternoon to have a flexible body.
I did the suryas a and b and the standing sequences. Then urdhva dhanurasana was my focus, nothing else. I feel so close to be able to do it now. But the little step that is still missing seems to be very crucial. Nevertheless a big step forward was done today.

Was it really possible, that I dropped back while on my knees? It was possible and hands arrived the floor and could prevent that the head touched the floor. I have still Adrenalin in my blood, I'm trembling. Now I am hot to do this pose, hot to come up and drop down while standing.

Pranayama and meditation now, to cool down.

Picture: It's a postcard from South Africa. I have a huge collections of postcards.


Monxo said...

I love the photos, beautiful. Whenever my faith in the world wanes, I just need to look to animals...they are...THAT. In their rawness and beauty.

I GOT the book. For free. It WAS in Scribd. PDF file. I am reading it right now. It is very very interesting. It is better to be prepared for that plateau! Better to enjoy it. It is funny, but so far he has not explicitly mentioned all of those American fitness magazines where 'Getting out of the plateau!' is THE main feature/article of the magazine. So silly.

Thanks again. and keep posting animal photos. Hey, I am also a vegan! Monxo from the Bronx

Ursula said...

I'm very pleased that you like the book.