Friday, January 16, 2009


...good first impression is made. The 26th January will be my first working day. Yes, the contract is not yet signed. This afternoon will be the very last meeting and then the last decision will be made and on Monday I will have the contract in my mail.

I saw my colleagues today and my working place and another manager. Everything is really OK, fine, nice, positive, whatever.

Hungry, I'm hungry again. For those who do not know what vegan people eat. I will make for myself a risotto (convenient product) with a green salad with dried tomatoes (I will make a sauce with olive oil, citron, salt, pepper and herbs). To stand in front of my oven and to stir the risotto is exactly the right activity that I need now.

Yoga comes later. I feel too hungry. I know this already. Interviews need all my concentration and energy. Afterwards one thought occupies my mind: I want to eat. I want to eat.

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