Thursday, January 08, 2009

Led class this evening

I am always happy when I am in a class. I really like everything, also because I know how difficult it is to practice alone. J. was great, how she led us through the first series.
We did not perform all asanas, but we got adjustments. I got deep adjustments in marichyasana c. Guess I could twist my body 360 degree. It was a great feeling. And I got the adjustment on both sides. This is important to me.
Finally it was good that not all asanas were performed. At the end I still had strength to concentrate on urdhva dhanurasana. The room was very warm, this helped me. The body was flexible in that heat. In the evening my body is more flexible than in the morning, too. So I pressed myself up, arched, walked the hand towards the feet, breathed deeply and again the same game. I enjoyed the evening.

I miss focus in my life. My practice was so concentrated this evening. I didn't watch other yoginis. I focused on my own practice. This made my evening intensive. This focus I also need in my life. To loaf all day does not really satisfy me. Tomorrow.......

And afterwards C. and I had a cup of tea in the shala. And still later we had a soup outside in a restaurant. Not all of my feelings are expressed in my blog, but a lot (probably too many). For some I might have become an open book after 2 years of almost daily blogging.


joy suzanne said...

I think it's wonderful, and I guess I do feel like I know you a little...

My blog is so inactive, sometimes I think about taking a cue from you and doing more stream-of-consciousness blogging. I think it would be a positive thing to *se vider* more often, you know? I think it's something I will try for, after my new computer comes.

What a strange thing-- I woke up at 4am this morning and I'm reading blogs while drinking tea. I must have only slept about 3 hours, but as I couldn't practice yesterday so I guess I was too nervous about missing today!

Voilà something I should be writing on my own blog, instead of leaving in your comments box! ;)

Have a beautiful morning!

Siva said...

Namaste...blessing you

Ursula said...

Hi Siva,
I went to your blog and saw that you come from China.I'm very pleased to see how wide-spreaded yoga is.

Why do you not join ? It's a side for Ashanga yogis, but also other yogis. You will have more readers. I think it is very interesting to have someone from China in our lively community. Just a thought.

Happy practices.


Ursula said...

Hi joy suzanne,
Thank you for your very nice comment.

Btw, are you on facebook? :)

Greetings from Germany.