Monday, January 12, 2009

A late practice

I practiced late, but it was an intensive practice. For the time being I'm not able to do every vinyasa and every asana of the first series. I feel too weak for it. When I give the idea up to have a perfect practice I feel good and more is possible than I thought it would be.

The standing poses were all done. I think that trikonasana is an underestimated pose. It is a rather difficult pose.
I bent forward and tried to keep the chest open. Monday is the forward bending day.
The breath was my focus, I focused to match the breathing with the movement. I think this is more important than the perfect pose.
Mari c and d: I reached the wrist on both sides. Ambitious made me doing it. My face is probably not relaxed when I do it.

Urdhva dhanurasana was done, too. When I can stretch the arms I am happy and I could stretch them. I also arched back from standing position.

My practice helped me to forget the interview that I will have in about 2 hours. I'm rather nervous. I have palpitations. I have still some time. I will use it for meditation. I'm so nervous. It's awful. Heart be quit, cool down. Every outcome is fine.

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