Monday, January 19, 2009

Late I was on my mat and practiced

I had the feeling that my body was rather flexible. Forward bending seemed to be rather good. I did not do every asana of the first series. I don't care. My body feels good now, it got it's stretching. I even sweated a lot.
Tomorrow is another day, but also tomorrow I won't practice in the morning. I have to go to the authorities to request for a police clearance certificate. Afterwards I will have time to practice.

Stress level goes up already, due to my new job:
What can I do, I wonder to feel more relaxed?
- I already adjusted my evening routine to the new life rhythm that will come soon. Big body washing ceremony is now in the evening.
- I have to get up a bit earlier every day. Tomorrow it shall be 7 a.m. Soon it will be 5 a.m.
- I try to imagine my new routines: up at 5, coffee and journaling till 5:45, yoga till 7, shower and meditation till 7:30, till 8 I must be dressed, because at 8 I must close the front door from outside. That's it.
- To go through accounting vocabulary would be good, too. I've already started with it.
- I also must instruct my bf to go to bed silently, because I will go to bed much earlier than he.
- OMG is that all exciting again.


Arturo said...

hi Ursula
ca-ching! new job news? congratulations!

Ursula said...

Hi Arturo,

So fast it can go.
After a break of 7 months it's OK to work again.