Sunday, January 04, 2009

The knife

The above shown knife makes my cooking activities meditative. It's a Japanese knife and very sharp. Very. When I cut my vegetables I have to be in the here and now, otherwise the danger of injuring myself would be too high. The times where I cut furiously some carrots is over. I have to slow down when I use this knife. There is no room for feelings with a certain speed and dynamic, when using this tool.
With this knife I like to cook. It cuts potatoes as if they were butter. Using this knife I work slowly, attentively, with focus. Cutting vegetables becomes a meditation.

The day when I bought this knife I showed it E. and he had the same thoughts like me when I saw the knife in the shop. He also expressed it. "Is our friendship harmonious enough for such a knife?" Now it has to be. Hahaha.

(PS: For fearful readers: Loud and uncontrolled arguments are scarcely part of our communication.)


Kevin said...

I. sent us some cheese, my sister used a very sharp knife to cut through the wax layer around the cheese and cut her hand as she sliced through the wax! Be careful!!

Ursula said...

I know, I know, that's why I wrote about it. I really have to work slowly, it's a dangerous tool.

I hope nothing seriously happened with your sister's hand.

How is I.?
I know she is also on facebook.

Flo said...

That would definitly catch my attention. I am so clumsy with things like that; it would require all senses!

Ursula said...

Oh, yeah, it's a very dangerous too. It has to be used with a lot of care.

Kevin said...

I. is good, she is now making her own goats cheese.

My sisters hand is OK.