Monday, January 05, 2009

It's late already

It is as it is. I went to bed on time, but late at night I woke up, couldn't sleep anymore. Finally I slept again and in the morning I didn't get up. I missed the led class in the Jivamukti studio this morning. I feared the cold outside, that's true. But I shall not hide within my four walls only because I do not work outside for the time being. I must see people.

Here is still a state of emergency. Bf is on vacation till Wednesday and we both are at home. Writing this down, I know very well that he is not the reason why I overslept. It only would feel good if I could blame someone else but myself for being so lazy and undisciplined.

My challenge is to give my day a structure. In the evening I want to have the feeling that something is done. Five prolific hours are enough. It's not yet too late to be active so that I can call the day "a good day" when it is over .
To write down a plan in the evening for the next day might help to create satisfying days.

We expect a cold wave here. January is usually the coldest month of the year. In order to feel comfortable one has to dress warmly. There is a solution for everything.


Anna said...

I'm trying the evening plan thing too!

Ursula said...

Now we are 2, this is motivating.
Let's write a plan for the next day in the evening. :)