Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm ready, too early as usual

My shoes are clean.
Business cards are handy.
I put make up on my face not too much, but a bit.
I sprinkled perfume (Zen) on my neck.
My hair is open.
My glasses are cleaned.
I'm ready.

I sit here, as always I'm ready too early. I have to wait another 30 minutes till it makes sense to leave the house. It would have been good to read tax laws today, but I preferred to do yoga. Today I will speak with someone with expertise. This makes the interview more difficult, more exciting. Perhaps it's fun. I like to meet new people. Yeah, I think right now I found the right attitude. Still 20 minutes till I will leave the house.


joy suzanne said...

Good luck!

VD said...

Hi All,

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Thank you.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much joy suzanne.
It was good, but I have to wait till Friday. There are still 2 other interviews with other people.

Next interview is on Wednesday. So I am busy.