Saturday, January 17, 2009

A plan

What has to be done? Or what can be done?

1. It's still cleaning time here.
2. As a preparation for my new job, I can go through finance vocabulary. I like to do things like that.
3. To buy some vegetables for the dinner tomorrow. I want to cook.
4. Today I am invited for dinner. :) Oh, my life is hard, I am so busy. (irony)
1. Writing a letter to the tax office
2. Making my bf copying my accounting software to the new PC.
3. When this is done I can start with my tax declaration 2008.
1. I have to submit a police clearance certificate to the new company. I have to go to the authorities to file a motion. Best time is the early morning.
2. Focus shall be the tax declaration 2008.
3. Dinner with friends in the evening. (This is fun, a reward)

Must reread this.


Anna said...

English assistance! It's "Losing" the overview. Lots of people get mixed up between
LOSE = a verb which means 'to misplace' and
LOOSE which is an adjective and means the opposite of tight.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much, Anna.
That's how I learn.
Is it better when I write: I have no overview anymore?

Do you have a better suggestion?


Anna said...

I'm not sure what you want to convey in this post. You have lots to do but you seem in charge ok! If you feel there is so much to do you don't know where to start then you might say: "Losing the plot." But you aren't!

"I have no overview anymore" doesn't really convey anything.

Ursula said...

OMG, hahaha.

I will give this post the title: "a plan" and I have one problem less.

It's not possible to translate word by word. Languages are more complicated. Thank you Anna.