Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I survived......

....the second day. I exaggerate. Really. I exaggerate, but this does not mean that 8 hours at the office are not enough for me. It is enough. I don't intend to work overtime if not necessary, even though I get paid for it. I need time for myself.

Today my bf plays soccer, I have space enough to do some asanas - back bending perhaps. And I have time to meditate. Not to accomplish anything. Only to see that there is a thinking mind, that is active all the time. It is not necessary to take all these upcoming thoughts too seriously.

Yepeee, I am at home. Shall I count how much money I have already earned? I am looking forward to next Monday, I want to take another picture of the treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Picture: German employees on their way to work. It's much colder outside of Munich than in Munich. When I jump out of the S-Bahn I see even snow, it's that cold.

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