Saturday, January 31, 2009

I enjoyed it. What? My morning practice, of course.

My body felt great this morning. Zero alcohol IS good for the body. My forward bending were deep. I could reach the wrist in marichyasana c and d. All the asanas were performed. I connected the asanas with full vinyasas, means I always returned to samasthiti before doing them, like described in the yoga mala by P. Jois.

I paused a bit when I needed a break, but stayed on my mat. Only once E. came into "my yoga room" and sat down on the sofa next to my mat where I practiced. "Sit down on my knee," he said. I couldn't resist such an offer. We talked about the evening yesterday. Death, money, travelling were our topics. Then I continued with my practice.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I did all possible variations. I go to my limits I know this, because when I'm through with all the exercises I am so exhausted that I am close to crying. That's not something that really troubles me. It's only that I see my mental limits. I do what is possible. The body has limits, the mind, too. I was deeper than ever in that pose. My finger could touch my calves when I walked them down on the backside of my legs. I had not the courage to drop back. I dropped back when I was on my knees. Three times I did it. But then I had enough. This evening I will work again on that pose. I am so close to do it. I really leaped ahead.

Wonderful. A few things have changed since my Indian trip. I am stronger now and I do vinyasas also between sides and not only between poses. Strength is as important as flexibility.

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