Friday, January 09, 2009

I complaint

Of course very politely, but I am very very disappointed. I ordered a vegetarian food and got a meat sauce instead of the coconut sauce. OK, my bf liked his food and mine, too, we returned almost empty plates. This doesn't alter the fact that I got something totally different than the last time even though I had ordered the same meal. Yes, of course I was most polite. But next time when I have the choice I will go to another place. I am not a garbage can. Now I become sarcastic, but I taste the difference between a meat sauce and a red coconut sauce. I know that red coconut sauce is often prepared with oyster (fish). Nevertheless. I got a fat meat sauce, that's something else than I ordered. And Thai food is one of my favourite food. No, they have lost me as a guest. The free espresso didn't corrupt me.The service person does not speak German very well. The owner is German, I spoke to him, but in total, I am disappointed. I pretended more or less that I accepted the excuse, but I did not. The excuse was too weak, it didn't come from the heart. They do not understand vegetarian people, they want to make money that's all.
Yes, I am fastidious, that's true.


joy suzanne said...

You mean they didn't make you something else to eat? You had no dinner, they didn't correct it? I hope they did more than bring you a coffee.

I love pad thai, yummy vegetarian.

joy suzanne said...

Oh nevermind, I thought before that you said your boyfriend ate both plates! ;)