Thursday, January 08, 2009

Great dinner yesterday

Oh, we were only 2 woman and 18 men. 2 other women who were invited too were ill and couldn't come. (No, they didn't fear the men).
The food was great. They had made huge plates in our Greece restaurant. First we had a starter then the main course. Some of the colleagues wanted to go with us again in that restaurant. So I guess it was not only polite that I was told that it was a nice restaurant.

As usual, I talked too much. Sigh. It's difficult for me to think before speaking.

This morning our voices were hoarse. The Greece restaurant is a smoker club. And of course people smoked. I'm no more used to it. This morning I feel a bit as if I were at a party yesterday.

My third cup of black coffee also tells me a story. I'm up and awake even conscious. That's all great. Action now, action.

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