Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday morning on my mat

If this happens, I am happy. Friday is primary series on the schedule - forward bending. I did the standing sequence and 2 forward bends. I came till trieng mukha eka pada paschimottanasana. Time was limited, and I wanted to do urdhva dhanurasana. The pose could be done nicely when I consider that it was the early morning. 5 times I arched back from standing position. This was supposed to be my preparation for Saturday and Sunday. Then I will again focus on that pose.

My Ashtanga goals have changed. Last year I wanted to do first and second series till the end of the year. This didn't happen. This year I made a modification re my goals. I want to do urdhva dhanurasana, supta kurmasana, better vinyasa (jumping forward and backward between the poses) and bujapidasana. Last pose is insofar interesting as it is neglected and the vinyasa is unique. To go from tittibasana to bekasana and then to jump back is an exciting movement. This is enough what I want to accomplish, but it is less than full second series. To learn new poses takes time, some poses need years.

Back to back bending: Why is it so difficult I wondered yesterday: Each and every person bends forward to pick something up from the floor i.e. We all twist from time to time, when we drive our cars i.e. But we never bend back. When I do back bending, I really do something special.
I wouldn't do it when I hadn't the feeling that it is good for me. I feel how my body becomes open and transparent. I start loving back bending (despite this strange feeling when reaching the limits and despite the mental difficulties to do it.)

I am glad that I was on my mat. I was dawdling a bit. Even this is OK for me now. I can see myself in the window as it is still dark outside when I practice. That way I can adjust myself. For instance I saw this morning that my back is not straight when I go forward into prasarita padottanasana. I don't like this round back. Every pose needs attention. How I love it to work with my body.

It's Friday already. We will meet in an Indian restaurant this evening. Then my first working week is over. Yepeeeeeeeeee.


joy suzanne said...

Happy Friday Ursula, congratulations on your first week!

Ursula said...

Thank you very much joy suzanne. Yeah, I made it through a week. I am happy. It was not only easy. I cannot write everything publicly.

I am 98% happy that I can work for the next 14 months in that company.

I deserve the weekend and the Indian food now.

Happy weekend for you, too.