Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For anonymous D. - on journaling

I got the idea from Julia Cameron. She recommends in all her books to write 3 pages in the morning. That's why she calls them "Morning pages". Her books are not only for artists, but for everybody.

My first 3 morning pages I wrote the 1st January 2000. I write with a pen in a journal. The own handwriting tells me a lot about my feelings, my state of being. Sometimes I cannot even read what I've written, sometimes my handwriting is so clear and simple that I think someone has written them who has just learned to write. Another advantage is that you can take your journal with you in a cafe for instance. You can write where ever you are. And: If you don't write with a pen from time to time you will also loose this ability. It's an important aspect.

What I like about it? I started writing because of a personal crisis. Does something like a "personal crisis" exist, I just wonder. Please start writing when you feel absolutely happy.
During the 8 years of daily writing I faced difficult life situations, but most life situations were more than pleasant. Writing helps me to make difficult situation easier, because the writing process helps me to understand. Solutions often arise at the horizon. It helps me to make pleasant events even more pleasant, because when writing it down it is as if the event happens a second time.
Writing helped me to see some peculiarities of my conditioning. In sum it made me happier. Amazing is that I got bored to write down what bothered me during a day. I prefer to write what is funny and interesting. It's a cleaning process for the soul, like a shower.

I have a special journal. At the end of every month I write on one page what happened:
For January 2009 this will look like that:
- got new job in an American company for 14 months, I am curious and excited
- joined facebook
- struggle with urdhva dhanurasana
- With E. and me is everything OK.
- Like watching: I am a celebrity, get me out of here.
- General feeling: optimistic, powerful

That way I have an overview. All these keywords tell me something. In case that I want to reread something I'd find it. You can perhaps imagine that I have already a lot of full journals on my shelf. I never wanted to reread anything, only the book with the monthly page I open sometimes. Then I think, OMG, how exciting is my life, always something new happens.

There are a lot of topics, I don't want to write publicly and I think I also shouldn't do this. Soon I will get to know new colleagues, I like to write about people, but it is not my right to do this publicly.

I don't want to miss my morning pages. They turned me from a late riser to an early riser. Firstly I wrote these pages, later I added my yoga practice. Both help me to manage my life in a smarter and more elegant way than I would be able without these tools.

Try it, you won't regret it, it's an inner journey, a journey to yourself.

PS: Please don't write only when you feel bad. Write when you feel fantastic, even though you need some discipline to do so. If you don't write about nice events you will soon get the feeling that your whole life is difficult. So do yourself the favour write about all aspects of your life.

Another trap: Know: to live is more important than to write.


Tracy said...

This is such a beautfully informative entry~ I will help many people i feel. I did Julia Camerons Morning Pages as well..and, well, I must admit that i loved doing them and then "fell off the wagon" so to speak. But, i can begin again! You are SO right about writing about happy and sad, good and bag thinggs. Very Good point!! I always write while I am in India..I have 4 REALLT fat journals from all of my trips..just need to incorporate it into everyday "doing".
Have a wonderful day~

Anonymous said...

Hey Ursula,

Thank you very much for this post! I'm reading your blog since a few months and you are the first person from whom I heard about the morning pages. I'm been writing journals from time to time since I was a teenager, but now I prefer typing. :-) I'm much quicker. :-) Probably a year ago I downloaded the free version of a journal software, and since I really like it I bought the professional version some weeks ago. I completely agree with you about concentrating on the positive events and thoughts. When something makes me angry or sad I'd rather try to forget it as soon as possible...

Thanks again and good luck with your new job on Monday!


Ursula said...

Hey D.

I also have considered a software, due to the speed. It's also easier to refind things. It has advantages, without doubt.

Julia Cameron recommended to write with a pen, so I did it. I am happy with it.

Thanks for wishing good luck for Monday. I need it.

Happy writing.


Ursula said...

Thank you Tracy.

I remember that you mentioned it already that you have read the books by Julia Cameron, too and that you did the morning pages.

I love to do it.
I never had a writer's block, not when I write my morning pages.

Happy writing.


joy suzanne said...

Ursula, thanks for sharing this! Today I do feel absolutely happy, and so I'll take your advice and begin.

I'm thinking of writing in French...

Ursula said...

To read this is a great joy for me.
It's fun, you shall see.

In my private journal I change languages,sometimes I write in German, sometimes in English.

Happy writing.
Nice to hear that you are happy.