Saturday, January 17, 2009

Does Ashtanga yoga make me quiet and peaceful? (part 7)

Oh no, not necessarily.
Can, but can not, too. Like everything else. Very diplomatic answer.
I start with myself.
What has changed in my life since I do Ashtanga yoga:
- I have one topic more to talk about.
- I don't start working for companies, before I haven't done my yoga practice in the morning.
- I got more flexible (that's for sure).
- I got strong (that's for sure).
- I started this blog to keep me motivated (beside it's good for my English)
- I met wonderful new people in the Ashtanga community.
- I started meditating, which I consider as a logical consequence deriving from the asana practice.
Did I get calmer, or friendlier, or more attentive or less distracted because of my yoga practice? I don't know.
And what has changed in your life since you practice Ashtanga yoga?
I just remembered a compliment of the last year. My last boss told me: If I were you I were ill already (due to the stress). Inside I smiled and thought: That's what my yoga practice has done to me. (But is this true? Oh, I don't want to be such an awful doubter right now, yes, this was because of my daily yoga practice. I could handle stress without getting ill, great.)
Another real good thing intensive yoga practice can do I heard from Danny Paradise. Of course it is not a guarantee. Let me formulate it carefully. Yogis tend to have a quick death.
An intensive life and a quick death, that's it.
(Blogger does not allow me to make paragraphs, right now this drives me crazy. Form is important, presentation is everything. Perhaps I should do an asana, a forward bending one, to calm me down.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ursula,

Could you please write more about your "morning pages"? Like, what's the idea behind it, why you're doing it, what you like about it, how long you've been writing like this, do you have a special journal or are you writing them on your PC... things like this...

Thanks and have a nice evening!!


Ursula said...

Hi D.
somehow I have the feeling what I will write about my journaling will help you, so I will write about it.

It will probably be my most private post.


joy suzanne said...

Looking forward to that. This is the cutest and most prolific blog on the ashtangi net! I love the style. I think it must give satisfaction, to have this inventory of your thoughts and this log of your progress in meditation, asana, and language. I always remember that you are an accountant when I read your blog! You make me want to be more careful and more respectful of all the tiny moments.

That's a way to celebrate everything.

Ursula said...

Dear joy suzanne,
I hug you.


joy suzanne said...


Ursula said...

I want to rewrite my first draft on journaling. Today it's too late for it.


Tracy said...

I agree with Joy!
I love Ursulas blog, thoughts, writing and her as a person~~~
some people just seem to stand out and she does!!
We LOVE you And your blog U!!

Ursula said...

Oh Tracy, I am speechless and this doesn't happen so often, believe me. Thank you so much.

xoxo U