Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Busy, busy

I managed it to be at the authorities before closing time, which is at noon. If I were there in the morning, waiting time would have been shorter. but so I had time to think about my yoga practice. It's energy work, I thought. Focus, breath, concentration is more important than the next asana. The asanas improve when practiced daily. In my age the progress comes slower, but I do not have to prove anything. I have time. My weakest point is that I am so easily distracted. My intention for my practice today is focus on the breath.
Then it was my turn. I applied for the police clearance certificate. Within 1 min I was out of the office again, I had to pay 13 Euro and that was it.

It's between snow and rain, which came down from the sky. I had my umbrella with me and went to the post office to mail my letter to the tax office. This is done now, too.

I found a birthday present for my dear friend B.. On Wednesday I'm invited for a party. She wanted an egg-timer and I found a very beautiful one.
The reservation for Friday in our Greece restaurant is made, too. We'll meet friends there.
My working contract arrived. Now I can sign it. I will make another appointment with the ladies from the recruitment firm to return the signed contract. I will invite them for dinner. I know they like it.

Time for yoga.
At five I will meet another friend in "our" Italian restaurant. What a life.
I'm prolific today, I like it. Energy level is high. I feel powerful. :)

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