Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back to normalcy. Really?

Normalcy means that E. has to go to work again. I had hoped that this fact would make us leave the bed early in the morning. This was not the case. It's late already.
What a luxury to get up late.

There are things to be done: I have to buy a bulb for the bathroom. I want to return books to R, before she will leave for Ghana. Yoga is on my list and meditation, too. I must write the letter to the tax office and and and......

This evening is party time again. E. has invited colleagues for dinner in the Greek restaurant. 20 years he works for the same company, it's a reason for a party. I am invited, too. I will search the web a bit, I will read a newspaper to have some interesting topics to talk about. It needn't to be India all the time. :)

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