Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another weekend is here

I am up. The time at home is limited now. I have another week, but then the time where I can loaf the whole day is definite over. I will make a list today what I have to do in this week. It will be a long list, I know it already now. I will also meet a lot of friends. I will be busy.

Seven months I was out of the working process. It was a huge gift.
It is good to play an active role in society, to do something, I know this and at the same time a bit of fear is there, too. But joy and curiosity is there, too. It's a gift that I can work again. I know this. It keeps me young and smart.
The week off is limited, that will intensify the lived time.
The time in the company I will start working for is limited, too. For the next 14 months I will be there. To know that something has an end usually makes it easier to enjoy it.

Time for the second cup of coffee.

I have done nothing to give my life this new direction. It really all happened. I have a website online, that's all. This website exits for some years. I made 1 phone call, yes I think I did this, but that was it. Amazing. Relax and all is coming, I think.

It's cleaning marathon today. I won't be alone. Thanks.


Andrew said...

"Relax and all is coming" Ha!:-)

Ursula said...

It's not possible to stop the course of life. "The spirit" wants me to work.