Sunday, January 04, 2009

Always these breaks....

No, I don't want to insult myself publicly (only because I make a few breaks during my Ashtanga practice).
In the late afternoon I practiced. The opportunity was good, as E. went out for a coffee. Back bending today. It was good. I was happy with little improvements. I.e. I have the feeling that urdhva dhanurasana is no more so uneasy than it used to be. I used the strap around my legs to keep the legs parallel and this makes the pose a bit more difficult. Nevertheless I felt OK. I could walk my hands to the feet a bit, without having the feeling that I tortured myself.

Good that I practiced. Time to cook.


Flo said...

I will have to try the starp around the legs. My knees splay out and today my teacher kept correcting me.

Ursula said...

I find it very helpful. That way I can develop a feeling for the pose and how it is supposed to be.